Survive Extremes

We take big risks. Tardigrades are known to survive the most hazardous conditions. That includes extreme cold, radiation and dryness.

Unfair Advantage

We represent unmet quality and quality implies strength. We give you the shield and axe as formidable as tardigrades so you can excel in whatever you do.

Connected Qi

Tardigs don't only survive by itself but excels at surviving together. The tardigs community is a community of strength of thousands of men in whatever pursuit you are after.

Tardigs (a.k.a tardigrades)

Assembled in London and Hong Kong. We are an international team brought together by winners of challenges, games and pursuits. Tardigrades lives from long before dinosaurs and can survive in most extreme environments including pace. Amused by the invincible qualities of tardigrades, we study in depth what made them so unique and aspire to be as tough as tardigrades in life. Our mission is to maximize our potential with every possibility to let everyone of you to become the best gamers in the world. We do that through making our products durable, creating a distinguish and creative design, gathering the gamers together.